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Are you asking yourself, "What if I don't need a new fence, but I need a repair?" Well then you're in LUCK we've got you covered there as well. We are able to take care of ALL repairs needed on ANY fence or gate. No matter what needs to be done. 

Expert Welding Service Repair and Install
Professional Welding

If you have a wrought iron or ornamental iron fence or gate that needs to be repaired, no worries. We are fully capable of taking care of any repairs or welding that needs to be done. We have professionally certified welders that will leave your repairs looking like NEW!

Automatic Gates Install and Repair
Electric/ Automatic Gates

If you are having problems with your electric gate not opening or just having some malfunctions, that won't be a problem for us either. We have YEARS of experience on our team with any and all issues concerning electric gates. Any brand make or model we have encountered, has not been an issue. We will make sure that it gets running like NEW!

Post Repair Option - Set Aside/Sister Post
Post Repair Option - Tear Outs
Wood Fence       and Gate Repairs

Unfortunately, some fences have a tendency to look unsalvageable. The good news is that repairs can be done without having to replace the whole thing. Fences will be analyzed by the contractor to see if the fence can be salvaged. In most cases the fence is fine but the posts have either snapped at the base or had been cracked. The contractor will discuss options that can be done to fix the issue. We will have your fence flush and plum, standing strong like it was NEW!

Commercial Gate Repair (large)
Chain-Link Fence and Gate Repairs

If you have chain link fence that has been damaged we can asses and repair as needed. If you are a commercial property and some one has broken into the chain link we can splice in new chain link. Broken or bent post, not an issue for us to replace as well. If you are having trouble with any size gate from residential to commercial gates we will send a contractor out to asses the repair and get you looking like NEW!

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